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Welcome to Kanaka

At kanaka, we specialize in Outsourced Product Development.

Successful software products are not just about ideas and cutting-edge technology, but also require an engineering mindset such as ours - that includes good planning, remarkable design, disciplined execution and a highly committed team with a sense of ownership.

Full stack Web & Mobile Development

We design, develop and deploy Enterprise Web Applications, Mobile apps and Backend solutions, to turn ideas into real products. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we make sure the product is architected to maintain its modularity, can scale and meet the business requirements and expectations.

Application Design

We help startups and enterprises to build better software products that scale. We regularly use development accelerators, reusable frameworks and components , we reduce the time-to-market. We design end to end solutions that include UX designing and engineering, API blueprint and engineering, distributed architecture, cloud native practices, and automated testing.

API & 3rd Party Integrations

No application can afford to be an island. They need to be integrate with internal and external system, leveraging as much data and functionality as possible. We develop robust API architectures and security protocols, including key encryptions, access control dashboards, single sign-on and scalable caching proxies. We also build API call management platforms for logging, authenticating and throttling API calls.

Insights & Visualizations

We work with you to bring forth business insight in a seamless and instantaneous manner. We can help you build solutions that provide enhanced analysis and reporting capabilities to your internal and external customers. We bring expertise and services to create stunning custom Visualizations and UI designs. We can help you understand and transpose complex data through information graphics and interactive graphs for the web, and mobile devices.

Robotic Process Automation

We work with you to improve the productivity of your critical resources by releasing them from the burden of mundane and redundant tasks. Our Robotic Process Automation deliver value through automating the repetitive manual tasks, thereby freeing up the human resources for more intelligent / analytical tasks at hand. RPA handles the repetitive work in more efficient and error-free manner to save time and money.

How can we

help you ?

Kanaka has the expertise and the experience of having implemented scalable product implementations across diverse enterprises. Be it early stage or funded startups with a super agile strategy or mature enterprises with complex process driven requirements, we have solutions that fit.

Pillars of


Product Thought Process

Successful software products are built not only with great ideas and cutting-edge technology, but also with an engineering mindset - that includes good planning, remarkable design, disciplined execution and a high level of team ownership.


Automation is an essential part of a developer's toolkit. If a developer has to repeat a job more than once, then instead of doing the same process multiple times, we try to automate that process through a piece of software or bot that does the job subsequently

Technology Excellence

Our team has expertise in the current technologies that dominate the software development market. Our team is adaptive to the changing trends in technologies and frameworks to provide the most comprehensive solutions to you.


Quality is an ever-expanding goal - the better you are, the better you need to be. We know the significance of quality and to fulfil our goal, we constantly improve our deliverables to match the increasing expectations of our customers.


We have instituted our processes such that you are in control, all the development information is available at your fingertips. You will be able to work with every individual on the team as if they were your own employee.


We make sure that confidentiality about the product is maintained throughout the company. The culture of sharing information on a need-to-know basis is ingrained at Kanaka. Source code and document management to contain intellectual Property leakage is effectively implemented.



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